Upgrade And Part Exchange Packages

Fully serviced pre-owned rugs and wraps are available for purchase providing a perfect entry level price for new customers who have yet to see the powerful results of pulsed electromagnetic therapy!

Once you have benefited by wrapping your horse in PEMF and you want to upgrade, we make it worth your while whether your system is 2 years old or 10, we will upgrade it.

We offer upgrade packages on all Activo-Med Systems, and whether you have a pulsed electromagnetic only rug and you would like to add massage or whether you just have an old style Combi Pro rug you will qualify. You will receive a brand new system and we will pick up your old system to save you the time and cost of advertising and selling it privately. The cost of delivering your new system and picking up your old system is included in the package.

Older versions of the latest Combi Pro rug can be upgraded from just £95 per month over 12 months.